The Action Plan is organized around five major development objectives (DOs) and associated activities, coordinated by BIOGEST-SITEIA.

DO0 – Managing Partner: BIOGEST-SITEIA

Research project coordination and management

DO1 –  Managing Partner: BIOGEST-SITEIA

– Optimization of BSF larvae rearing on organic waste substrate to obtain prepupae for industrial purposes and compost for agriculture.

– Assessment of biological parameters and performance index for the processes optimization.

– Assessment of the effect of adding zeolitite on the BSF rearing as well as on the quality and olfactory impact of the resulting compost.

– Setting up a pilot plant for the rearing of black soldier flies

DO2 – Managing Partner: SITEIA.PARMA

After proper stabilization through an exsiccation process, the prepupae are fractioned in a laboratory, testing different methods of separation, in order to purify the proteins, lipids and chitin fractions. The material extracted from the Soldier Fly prepupae are characterized at molecular level. The most promising extraction procedures are then tested in the pilot plant.

DO3 – Managing Partner: Intermech.MORE

– Designing protein mixes and other macromolecules through mixture design

– Optimizing the process for obtaining biomaterials through Design of Experiments

– Thermal, structural and mechanical characterization of the new bioplastic materials obtained

– Agronomic evaluation of the compost and biomaterials (adversity reduction, shelf life, biodegradability)

DO4 – Managing Partner: Intermech.MORE

LCA studies are carried out in accordance with ISO 14040 standards and the results will be reported using midpoint and endpoint indicators

The legal feasibility assessment of the processes will be based on the state of art of technology and will review the laws and regulations with regards to:
alternative employment of organic waste; assessment of insects as novel food in Italy and Europe; the use of insects as animal feed; EFSA evaluations; EU Commission decisions and legislative proposals on the use of insects in protein production for animal feed.

DO5 –  REI – Reggio Emilia Innovazione Scarl

Activities for the diffusion and dissemination of the research project results.


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